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Around the World Meeting Planner

Are you an around-the-world meeting planner? In today’s global economy, a great many organizations are spread across numerous time zones, countries, even hemispheres. Leading a team or process with a global footprint is a responsibility that comes with serious logistical challenges. You need to connect people who are not operating with the same time and date, people sprinkled across a time zone chart. You may be located in EST time, but you might need a world clock or a world time zone list to figure out what time it is for other employees on the team. Global Meetings Industry Day 2019 was on April 4. One of the themes that surfaced in discussions at Global Meetings Day 2019 is both the difficulty and the importance of creating and preparing meetings to bring everyone together, regardless of what world time zone each participant is living in.

Scheduling and Conferencing for Global Meetings

So, it’s your job to get these world meetings planned. For our purposes here we’ll call you a world meeting scheduler. You understand the necessity of the global meet, but you also know how obnoxious setting them up can be. If you’ve spent any time doing this, you’ve probably immersed yourself in print resources like a time conversion chart or a world clock GMT based chart. You’ve also probably used disparate apps or digital tools, like a time converter calculator, a world clock app or world clock converter.

At the core, one of the big things you need is a set of tools that help you calculate time zones. You can probably convince certain team members to stay late or arrive early for an important meeting, but (in most industries, anyway) no one is getting up at 2am for you! That’s why it’s important to use a tool like worldtimebuddy to make sure your chosen time can work reasonably well for everyone.

Some of these functions are easy to find on their own. Google time converter is a great quick world time converter: you can, for example, quickly determine a good Singapore meeting time that also works for your team on the US west coast.

Some apps and services out there (like Calendly) attempt to bring several of these functions together, blending a world clock converter app with a calendar function. Others (like worldtimebuddy) focus in on quickly showing you world clock info, whether that’s world clock GMT or world clock London, through the world time buddy widget. What they miss, though, is the most important thing: you also need a clear and concise platform for hosting your conference meetings.

Preparation and Planning for Global Meetings

Your global meeting is, despite your best scheduling efforts, usually going to inconvenience someone. Your Asia office has to stay late and your US office has to arrive early, or vice versa. Given this fact, you want to make the most of everyone’s time.

Meetings are unavoidable, yet essential. But it’s tough to run a good meeting. Even in-person meetings can go poorly and waste people’s time when they aren’t well planned. Think back to the last meeting you attended where no real agenda was given, just a vague meeting title. Were you excited to go? Did you accomplish everything you could have? Or did everyone spend the first 15 minutes trying to figure out why they were there? These problems are real, and they are infinitely more likely with global virtual meetings.

To avoid wasteful, disorganized meetings, it’s essential to have clear meeting agendas and planners set ahead of time. As the meeting planner, you need to create and share a detailed agenda ahead of time, giving people time to review and collaborate before, during, and after the meeting itself.

Using a meeting tool like Docket in conjunction with a world clock meeting planner or world time server meeting planner will enable you to locate the best time for a global meeting but also provides a meeting planner template to save you time in building your meeting planner. Docket’s free meeting planner app is another great tool for your business.

Docket also enables you to create the best meeting agenda templates you need for important meetings and events such as:

  • Conference agenda template
  • Formal meeting agenda templates
  • Meeting agenda templates in Google Doc or Word format
  • Simple meeting agenda template
  • Staff meeting agenda template
  • Team meeting agenda template

Using great preparation and planning tools like Docket along with meeting planners, you will empower your global meeting attendees to arrive informed and ready to contribute.


Using a good world meeting planner is just the start of hosting a successful global meeting. Additional measures you can take to ensure a successful meeting include:

  • Create meeting plans and agendas using a great template.
  • Distribute agendas and documents (or pre-reads) to team members ahead of the meeting.
  • Collaborate with other meeting leaders in creating those agendas and documents. 

Get started with Docket today for free and see the difference it can make in helping you plan and prepare for your globlal meetings.

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