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A Good Meeting Minutes Template Word, Docket, and More!

If you want to stop wasting your time, and everyone else’s with meetings that constantly veer off-course and are mostly a rehash of topics from the week before, then your company should consider a professional agenda or minutes of meeting format document. It can be daunting to find the best meeting minutes template that will provide enough detailed structure to not only get a meeting successfully broadcast and started, but to also prepare the meeting guests in a such a way that your meetings will result in a good collaboration with plenty of brainstorming – and end with the right employees assigned the action items.

A good meeting minutes template doc should allow for the recording of very specific information, including:

  • Meeting location, date, and time
  • Meeting purpose and names of attendees
  • Meeting agenda
  • Discussions and final decisions
  • Actions to be taken, deadlines, and responsible persons

Choose an easy to use program that shows a how to write minutes of a meeting example within a professional meeting minutes template. From business sample meeting minutes to a staff meeting minutes sample, a minutes of meeting draft should facilitate your meeting agenda and encourage teamwork while making it easy to create, document, and track every decision within a business meeting minutes PDF.

Finding the Right Meeting Minutes Template

Here we will expand on the different types of formal and informal meeting minutes template structures along with some key elements you should expect from a meeting minutes templates to make sure your meetings are well-structured and stay on-point.

Internal Meetings

With a meeting minutes template excel, you can capture all the important information that was discussed, including organizational changes, production problems, or new market competition. These meeting will usually have a very specific list of attendees and very clear objectives. From Vice Presidents to Sales Managers, an internal business sample meeting minutes PDF allows everyone to review the previous weekly or monthly meeting and be ready to discuss any increases in quality, sales, or administrative changes that were previously discussed.

When all meeting attendees are able to view the past minutes of meeting format in Word, time is saved as everyone can move on to new meeting agenda items more quickly.

External Meetings

External meetings with new clients, suppliers, or project collaborations will usually involve business people with different goals. Here is where a very good meeting minutes template (Google docs) can be used for sharing among persons outside of your organization. But more important, is displaying an organized front and showing business contacts that your meetings are well-run, organized, and productive. A meeting with a recap of previous meeting minutes provides a good starting point of agreement on items that have been previously discussed and agreed upon.

Good meeting minutes can help avoid misunderstanding between participants in an external business meeting and remind everyone of conclusions that have been reached and what actions items should have taken since the last meeting.

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Business and Professional Meetings

Business and professional meetings include formal board meetings, problem solving meetings, status updates, and division meetings that are typically reoccurring each month. A great way to track if your business meetings are productive is to review the minutes of meeting template with action items. This way, you can decide if the meeting’s intentions were fulfilled and if you received the expected participation from attendees. Instead of wasted meetings, you can make your meetings awesome with a shared free meeting minutes template Excel format that contains the meeting notes in a clear format that is easy to follow.

Consider a professional minutes of meeting format doc that allows for the placement of graphic logos, custom text styles, and the use of color to make your meeting minutes stand out and skimmable.

Informal and Simple Meetings

Even informal meetings should be documented with the name of the meeting leader, points of discussion, deadlines, and any action items that were decided upon. Don’t make the mistake of not handling informal meetings in a clear and structured manner. Even a simple, spur-of-the-moment collaboration between divisions can benefit from a minutes of meeting format pdf that documents operational solutions that were discussed – and could have an immense effect on corporate profits or employee engagement.

Informal meetings are often arranged to solve an immediate problem. A clear summary in an informal meeting minutes template doc or simple meeting minutes template is the best way to document how matters were resolved and may impact how human resources should respond to an employee challenge.

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Staff Meetings

A staff meeting minutes template doc is a great way to keep staff informed on how past meetings were resolved. While employees may have mixed feelings about attending regularly schedule staff meetings, a distribution of the meeting minutes is always a good way to demonstrate the importance of these gatherings. Staffers feel empowered when they can clearly see what transpired during a previous staff meeting. A minutes of meeting email sample is a good way to test drive which meeting templates best fit the needs of your staff meetings. Empower your meetings with specially designed meeting minutes and meeting agenda templates by Docket. This platform makes it easy to create an agenda for attendees to record notes, and take meeting minutes so that your time is not wasted and your staff feels as if the meetings are productive and useful.

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