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4 Reasons to Host Branded Client Meetings

A client meeting is so important. It’s your time to shine as you present that next big idea, highlight the success of a project, or strategize for next quarter. You spend valuable time prepping, designing, and practicing to make sure the client is impressed. Yet after all the energy you pour into the components of a great meeting, many of us never take the step to brand the meeting experience. This one simple addition to the meeting workflow can create serious value for both you and the client. Before we dive deeper into the benefits of branded meetings, let’s first layout what we mean by a “branded meeting experience”. 

The Components of a Branded Meeting Experience

A branded meeting experience might mean different things to different people, so let’s clarify exactly what we are getting at. A branded meeting has at least all of the following items:

Branded Agenda

Every client-facing meeting should include a branded agenda (and no, adding your logo to the footer of a Word document is not something your clients will connect with emotionally). The agenda should match your color scheme, showcase your logo prominently, and include links to your social media accounts or website. Agenda templates should be shared before the meeting with all attendees.

Branded Notes

Similar to the agenda, any notes you take during the meeting should be shared with the client in a format that is customized to your brand and makes the client feel like you truly own the meeting experience.

Branded Action Items

Sharing action items after a meeting is an important step to make sure all attendees are clear on next steps and to-dos. Usually, however, this is done in a plain text email and not in a nicely branded format that your clients will love. 

Now that we are clear on the steps you can take to offer a branded meeting experience, let’s talk about the benefits of branding your client meetings.

4 Fundamental Benefits of Branded Client Meetings

There are so many advantages of branding your client meetings, but here are 4 top benefits to consider.

1) Branded meetings ensure a better, more consistent client experience

Hopefully, you care deeply about your brand. You pay attention to it non-stop. You believe in your brand and so you invest in it! At the same time, you have a ton of client-facing meetings. In fact, meetings are probably one of the most frequent interactions a client has with your brand. Given that, you should be treating meetings as an important opportunity to reinforce your brand to the client and to build on a consistent story. Imagine how an excited client might be disappointed to receive a boring meeting agenda as a plain text document. Now imagine their excitement if that same document told a compelling story about your brand and served the functional purpose of making your meetings more efficient and productive. When it comes to branding, details make all the difference.

2) Branded meetings build trust between you and your clients

Brands create emotional connections with our clients and ultimately build trust. When a client trusts you, it makes the relationship easier and much more valuable to both parties. Branded meetings are the perfect way to reinforce trust between you and a client. Again, imagine the difference between receiving a boring meeting recap, sent in a plain Word document or email vs. an on-brand, nicely designed recap… Wouldn’t you trust the latter so much more?

3) Branded meetings show clients that you care about their brand too

Anytime you interact with a client they are immediately drawing the connection between how you treat your brand and how you treat theirs. If you care greatly about your brand, customers will infer that you care about their brand, too. Of course, the opposite is true. Not treating your brand with the love and respect it deserves can be a red flag about the way you might handle a client’s brand. Offering a branded meeting experience shows clients that details are important to you, and that makes the client feel better about the work you are performing on their behalf.

4) Branded meetings increase the all-around value of your services

Brand has value and meetings are one of the most frequent touchpoints between you and your clients. This means that meetings are an excellent place to reinforce brand awareness and increase your value through brand. Clients will pay more to work with people they trust and brands they connect with. Again, details matter and meetings are the perfect place to reinforce brand value.


The way a client perceives your brand is the sum of every interaction they’ve ever had with it. In order to ensure a great client experience, build trust, and increase your value through brand, it’s important to pay close attention to the details of each interaction. Meetings are a frequent customer touchpoint for client-facing teams, yet many of us don’t consider brand as a major priority when hosting meetings. It’s time to change that. Use a tool like Docket to pull off great branded meetings creates experiences your clients will love.

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