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Remote Meeting

While they can at times be time-consuming and feel extraneous, meetings may be needed to ensure that staff members are aware of certain work expectations and that they are meeting their goals. Sometimes a staff might meet to discuss business concerns but struggle to agree on a specific time and place due to scheduling conflicts. This is a perfect opportunity for the staff to conduct a virtual meeting, meaning a meeting where a company uses video and audio to connect their staff members who are dispersed across different locations and possibly time zones. Online meeting platforms like Docket can help facilitate a remote meeting.

Online meeting apps are becoming more prevalent in the business world because more companies are beginning to hybridize their workplaces. A hybrid workplace combines in-office work spaces and procedures with remote ones, allowing employees who want to work in-office or from home the chance to do so. This work practice can also benefit the company. Working remotely can not only increase employee morale, but also decrease expenses like utility bills and office rent.
Companies that have hybridized their workplace probably have to address how they can accommodate both the needs of the company and the work situations of their employees. This includes figuring out how to hold meetings with in-office staff as well as remote staff. Docket can help companies make remote and hybrid meetings more effective and productive.
Docket is a platform that can help the members of a hybrid workplace attend meetings as well as be prepared with agendas and other resources. Docket lets employees collaborate with each other during and after video meeting conferences. With Docket, companies and their teams can increase their productivity by streamlining the process of collaborating and meeting as teams.

Remote Meetings Software

The popularity of virtual meetings software has been on the rise for some time now and might continue to increase in popularity as the software becomes more accessible to a wider audience. Remote meetings software can offer companies the convenience and collaboration tools to keep teams all around the world connected. It’s becoming more common for people to need the ability to communicate and collaborate with each other from any location. Video conferencing software can enable these people to be just as productive in their own homes as they could be in an office. If a company can’t physically bring people together, then they should aim to virtually bring them together through the use of remote meetings software like Docket.
Video conferencing apps can connect staff to each other and important information they might need to know in order to perform their jobs better. Sometimes holding a meeting may not be enough. Sometimes files and other data must be shared to make sure that a team is always on the same page regarding the type of work that has to be done. A virtual meeting app can help in this instance as well as increase productivity.

Types Of Virtual Meetings

Looking at video conferencing software examples can help companies determine what platforms they should employ to hold virtual meetings. These examples can show companies the best video conferencing for small business and the best virtual meeting platforms for large groups. There are different types of virtual meetings so companies have to evaluate what they need before proceeding with one platform over the others.

Docket can help companies facilitate different types of virtual meetings. Built for collaboration, Docket can enhance every type of work meeting with an adaptable framework for meeting management. A common type of meeting is a team meeting. Docket can help companies prioritize, plan, and bring focus to their team’s efforts. Docket can provide an agenda that can keep planning sessions running smoothly. Team members can review previous work and set their next next goals as well as enjoy access to meeting information after the meeting.

Docket offers guides for this type of meeting and several others such as sales, project, one-on-one, leadership, and marketing meetings. In addition, Docket offers meeting templates covering the range of meeting types. Companies can use these templates or modify them to streamline their meetings and keep them focused. These resources can make virtual meetings easier to run.

Zoom Meeting

Docket users can enjoy the Zoom integration. Zoom is currently one of the most popular video conferencing platforms. Docket users can hold a Zoom meeting and enjoy the benefits of both platforms. The Docket app for Zoom Meetings can prove to be an effective way to make sure meetings are efficient, engaging, and productive during every stage of the process. The Docket app for Zoom has been built for teams that need to make the most of every meeting. The Zoom meeting app combined with Docket combines the power of Zoom’s video conferencing and Docket’s collaborative platform for efficient meeting management.

Users don’t have to search for their Zoom meeting links and passwords. They can schedule meetings, view reminders, and connect directly to their Zoom meeting from the Docket meeting workspace. The ease to join Zoom meeting appointments can be appreciated by in-office and remote employees.

After the meeting has concluded, Docket can save the Zoom recording and meeting notes within a single system of record that teams can refer to whenever they need. The ability for teams to connect in every stage of a meeting while taking advantage of Zoom’s features can possibly improve how well a company’s staff performs their jobs.

Virtual Meetings

A remote meeting app is required for employees to attend virtual meetings. The best online meeting platforms can not only allow teams to attend meetings, but also participate in the planning process. Using the best video conferencing app is one thing, but using a platform that’s useful before, during, and after a virtual meeting can help companies build better hybrid workplaces where in-office and remote employees can connect and cohesively work towards accomplishing the goals set forth by their employers.

Docket can help teams organize a meeting’s agenda, organize and record important information revealed during a meeting, share information after the meeting is over, and plan the next meeting. Every team member can take part in the meeting creation process no matter where they work or live. Docket can help companies overcome spatial differences. Companies that plan together can bring alignment and productivity better than before. Companies that operate with more transparency and shared accountability can see a change in their employees’ work performance.

Docket can provide seamless integration for every kind of meeting, even going so far as offering guides and templates to help companies present the best meetings they can. Improving the way virtual meetings are run can strengthen a hybrid workplace.

Virtual Meetings Best Practices

Among virtual meetings best practices is remote meeting etiquette. Remote employees should recognize the importance of virtual meeting etiquette. It’s recommended that virtual meeting attendees turn on their video camera to simulate sitting at a table. Facial expressions can help signify attentiveness, making for a more responsive meeting. To ensure a successful virtual meeting, all the participants should make a determined effort to participate, even if it’s a simple nod on camera.

The person running the meeting should come prepared. Docket can help in regards to that. Employee feedback can also help presenters hone the way they run meetings. Presenters who ask their teams’ opinions on how the virtual meetings are conducted and solicit suggestions can improve the experience for everyone. Communication can be key in making virtual meetings less stressful than they have to be. Docket can help alleviate the worry presenters may have come meeting time. Presenters who use Docket to develop meeting agendas and prioritize topics can keep everyone focused and waste less time. Any time savings can be used to initiate any concepts mentioned during a virtual meeting. Increased productivity can be a significant benefit companies enjoy by using Docket.

Benefits Of Virtual Meetings

When considering how to collaborate as a team, it could help to look at some specific virtual meeting examples and the benefits they offer. For one, one challenge that some teams could face during meetings is ensuring that all team members are able to stay on task. A well-structured virtual meeting that makes use of virtual meeting software could allow teams to devise tangible agendas so that they can better prioritize important topics and ensure that all important points can be voiced. This could especially be valuable for recurrent meetings; that way, teams can always begin a meeting knowing what will be discussed and how to prepare. This could lead to a greater sense of productivity and collaboration.

Moreover, sometimes your team may have to access specific materials or documents to be reviewed during the meeting. Virtual meetings software could ensure that all of these essential documents are linked and accessible to all people who must review them.

Above all else, Docket can help companies run remote meetings regardless of industry. Docket can make meetings better before they start, while they’re happening, and after they have finished.

“Docket has quickly become essential to doing our best work at Studio Science. Meetings are critically important to the services we provide clients, and having a platform dedicated to making meetings more effective, collaborative, and structured is game changing.”

Steve Pruden, CEO at Studio Science

“Docket helps us build better agendas, easily share notes, and follow up on action items. We have noticed our meetings have better preparation and follow through since partnering with Docket.”

Roger Deetz, VP of Engineering at Springbuk

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