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Project Management Tools and Techniques

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Project Management Tools and Techniques

Project management can be a tricky undertaking. There’s a lot to consider, and so much can go wrong even under the best of circumstances. Thankfully, there are several different project management tools and techniques you can leverage to help things run smoothly. For example, strategic project management tools can help project managers strategize and plan project meetings for maximum efficiency. These include time tracking and note-taking tools. Other project management tools and resources can be extremely helpful for those working remotely, as they allow them to connect with distant team members.


Browsing a list of project management techniques can give you a better idea of your options. Some techniques are better suited to certain business types than others, so it’s important to do your research to determine whether or not a certain tool or strategy is compatible with your organizational goals. Even so, most companies can benefit from additional tools and resources to help them plan and execute on projects. Doing everything by hand can be challenging, but project management tools—especially automated solutions—can help you get things done quicker and more efficiently. They can also help you stay organized and collaborate with coworkers.


Docket is a meeting productivity platform designed to improve meetings at every stage of the process and offers project management tools to help companies make the most out of their meetings not just while they’re happening, but before and after. You don’t want to go into a meeting unprepared, nor should you leave empty-handed, and Docket equips users with the tools to plan and hold productive meetings and complete meaningful action items long after they’ve over. Platforms like Docket are transforming project management and bringing teams together to collaborate on shared initiatives. Docket’s tools can improve your project management process and allow you to get more done.

Best Project Management Tools


Finding the best project management tools for your business is key to completing successful projects. Project managers have enough on their plate without having to micromanage every little detail in the process, which is why they often turn to project management tools for help. These tools are often automated, meaning that they complete tasks automatically with little to no input from users. This can save you time and reduce human errors. You might also consider keeping a project management tools and techniques journal for additional help organizing your resources.


One of the most innovative project management techniques used today is built-in experimentation. More and more businesses are realizing the importance of the testing phase and are factoring this experimentation period into their broader project timeline. They’re finding that testing plays an integral role in project management and shouldn’t be rushed. They’re also coming to recognize that teams need to be fully onboard with new tools and techniques. For instance, you might hold a project management tools presentation to educate your team on new tools, answer any questions they may have, and explain the relevance of the tools and techniques to your current system and business objectives.

Project Management Techniques


There are many different project management techniques you can follow to achieve the best outcomes with your projects. However, there are five main techniques that every project manager should be aware of. So what are the five project management techniques? They are PERT, waterfall, Kanban, critical path, and extreme. Here’s a quick breakdown of each:

  • PERT: The PERT, or Program Evaluation and Review Technique, uses visuals to chart  a project’s timeline. This method is great for those wanting to get a detailed look at the long-term roadmap of their project.
  • Waterfall: The waterfall technique splits projects up into sequential stages, representing a kind of staircase or waterfall in which each step is dependent on the one before it. 
  • Kanban: The Kanban technique is similar to PERT and uses a series of task cards and emphasizes collaboration.
  • Critical Path: The critical path method is used to chart out the most critical or efficient path towards achieving desired outcomes. It also takes into account the various internal and external factors that affect each step in the process.
  • Extreme: This technique prioritizes flexibility and collaboration, focusing heavily on the soft skills that make for a successful project.

These are just a few project management techniques examples, but you may identify others that are better aligned with your project goals.


Project Management Tools Examples


Project manager tools come in many forms, and what works for one business may not work for another. It’s important to consider your entire project management process and think about what tools or techniques would be most compatible with your existing systems. Useful project management tools examples to be aware of include Gantt and work breakdown structure charts. Basically, anything that helps you achieve better project management can be a useful tool you should take advantage of.


Docket offers some of the top project management tools with a host of useful features, one of which is Docket Agendas. With Docket Agendas you can easily build meeting agendas and keep everyone on the same page when it comes time to discuss and collaborate. The platform also offers meeting templates to help users design effective meetings. In addition, Docket provides meeting notes and minutes so that you can track meeting takeaways and share information with those that may have missed a meeting. These tools can all be extremely useful in promoting efficiency.

Top 10 Project Management Tools


There are plenty of useful project management tools on the market today, so whether you’re looking for tools that are suited for small businesses, large companies, or anything in between, you should be able to find something that’s compatible with your project goals and structure. Focusing on easy to use project management tools is the best way to find tools that are both efficient and easy to set up. It’s also important to consider the best techniques for project management. You can tailor these to fit your unique situation, but sticking with the tried and true methods, especially when you’re first getting started with the process, can help you stay on track.


You can try searching for the top 10 project management tools to get a better sense of what kinds of tools exist and what they can offer your business. While getting started with new tools can be stressful, it can be worth it in the end to be able to simplify your project management process. Many tools are designed with ease of use in mind and come with out-of-the-box features and integrations. These tools are ideal for companies looking to dive in headfirst.

What Are Project Management Tools


So what are project management tools? As discussed previously, project management tools help businesses plan, develop, and execute on projects. Today, most project tools are digital, and many of those are at least partially automated. This allows users to get more done in a shorter amount of time. There are many uses of project management tools, and one of the great things about them is that you can often customize them to fit your unique business needs. It can also be helpful to view instructional resources on how to use project management tools, especially if you’ve never worked with them before.


When handling these tools, it’s important to adhere to project management tools best practices. First, you should outline your purpose for the project. It can be difficult, if not impossible to get the rest of your team onboard if they don’t even understand what they’re working towards. You should also create a project plan so that you don’t go into the process blind. Establishing a clear line of communication between teammates is critical to ensuring that everything goes well. Project management tools can help you stay aligned with best practices such as these.

Project Management Tools List


Looking through a project management tools list can help you learn more about the types of tools that exist, as well as give you some ideas for implementing various solutions in your own business. It can also be good to study different examples of project management tools. This can be a great way to learn how tools work in practice and how other businesses have successfully—or unsuccessfully—completed projects with the help of project management solutions. Browsing a list of project management tools can help you make a more informed decision about which tools to purchase when it comes time to make a decision.


Docket has numerous tools and features to assist you in your project planning and deployment. Meetings are an important part of projects, but it’s just as important to follow up on those meetings with action items, which Docket provides. Users can assign tasks and guide participants towards next steps so that no one leaves the meeting empty-handed. Managing all of your project tools from a single platform can help you stay organized and make sure that you hit each item on your agenda. Project management tools such as those offered by Docket can enhance your project management techniques and enable you to carry out successful projects.



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