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Project Management Tool for Free

The importance of project management software is becoming more and more pronounced as our world becomes increasingly more digital. The best project management apps allow businesses to operate with increased efficiency.  That said, some options may be more viable than others, depending on your specific needs as a business.

Meeting management software can free up a significant amount of time, time that may be better spent on other pressing business matters. Of course, meeting management software is often a major investment that can consume a large portion of a business’ budget. Because of this, many business owners might seek out a project management tool for free. These free tools are available; however, they may also have many limitations.

When seeking out the best free option for your company, there are a lot of considerations. Businesses that do not take advantage of the efficiencies of these services will suffer. Still, the difficult nature of sifting through the many options and details can scare many away.

Most businesses have a makeshift system of managing projects. These are usually pieced together across a spectrum of other free resources. Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Teams are the most common free options for businesses. All these options have certain qualities that assist in project management. Unfortunately, they also all fall short of being enough.

The best project management software could be easily integrated with these tools and potentially speed up your current system. The alternative is a disruptive switch in procedures. A switch that can cause delays in the accomplishment of tasks or, worse yet, in losing them altogether.

Project Management Apps

As a business grows, online meeting management could become increasingly more difficult. Moreover, as a company gets larger, the number of projects and meetings the company will handle at once could also increase. Due to this, many organizations have begun utilizing project management apps. These apps offer powerful project and meeting management tools, often freeing up a significant amount of time.

A meeting management tool can help businesses track and update their projects as they work on them. The utilization of agile project management tools allows businesses to prevent forgetting tasks. While significant, this is not the only advantage they offer. Companies that utilize project management apps may see a notable improvement in their efficiency and productivity as well.

Cloud-based solutions like Docket allow the collaborative effort of teamwork to exist virtually. Teams can build agendas together, collaborate and meet, and share resources. Businesses that do not take advantage of tools like this one will see themselves falling behind their competitors. Every business should consider increased efficiency among their top priorities.

Project management apps may offer that, as well as other key features. These apps could ensure that your team may not miss any tasks, that you can search all items with ease, and that you can share information more quickly. Handling so many projects at once on your own can be difficult. Each project carries with it numerous tasks and bits of information to remember.

By making all this searchable from anywhere, project management apps like Docket can streamline project management.

Best Free Project Management Software

One issue with project management tools and techniques is the cost. For businesses not comfortable spending a lot of money on project management software, a free option may be better.

When considering the best free project management software for your organization, it may be wise to consider your specific needs. Some of the most common features people search for in the best project management app include:

Multiple users

Businesses that are dealing with multiple employees on the same project may have trouble giving them all access. Project management tools assist in connecting the various aspects of your project.

Meeting Scheduling

One of the most significant challenges businesses face is making it easier to schedule meetings. The best free project management app for you may include this need.

Video Conferencing

Because virtual meetings have become more and more commonplace, video conferencing is a necessity for most. Finding a solution that integrates into your Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet account can help immensely.

Collaborative Tools

Collaborative meeting notes, task management, and other features help teams work together with more efficiency.


First, it helps to consider the question: What programs does your team already use? Finding a solution that can integrate with any existing programs can make the transition much easier. These can include things like Slack, Zoom, Google Drive, Evernote, or Dropbox, for example. Integrations allow project managers to add or take information from these other applications.

Deciding which of these are important to you can help aid in the search for the best project management app for you. Luckily, there are services like Docket that offer all the above for free and don’t force people to choose! The right choice will depend on your specific needs, however.

Project Management Tools Examples

Looking through the various project management tools examples can still make choosing the best one a challenging decision. When looking for solutions, it is often best to split the options into categories. One of the best categories to decide on the best solution for your business is to consider some of the ways you are already managing projects. 

For many, this may include things like the google project management tool free options. This includes things like Google Calendar and Google Drive. Another option for many is Microsoft. Microsoft Calendar and other Microsoft project management tools are often important elements for businesses. 

None of the tools mentioned above are likely to be enough to manage projects on their own. That said, they all have value and can come together to create a meaningful solution for your business.

Some solutions require businesses to use their own tools designed to replace Microsoft and Google project management tools. While this may not be an issue for businesses that don’t already have their own system in place, it can be cumbersome for those that do. This leaves many looking for a solution that can be easily integrated with their current setup.

Project management tools like Docket can integrate with Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Microsoft Calendar. This allows businesses to automatically sync Docket with their work calendar and/or Google Drive.

Free Project Management Tools

There is no shortage of free project management app options. Trying to keep project management tools free is a common practice for many businesses. As such, free project management tools are everywhere and it can be hard to pick the best one for your business.

With project management tools free options, there could be both helpful and unhelpful choices. The main goal of any company that is utilizing a project management solution is to save time. When a company chooses a platform that is not actually helpful, it can eat away at the time spent on project management. Occasionally, a poor choice of project management solutions can make project management harder. When this happens, a platform intended to save time winds up costing it more. This could happen with project management apps free of charge that lack more specialized functions.

Luckily, Docket  offers a range of different plans. Companies can take advantage of powerful tools at absolutely no cost. Their free option includes calendar, video, collaborative, and storage integrations. 

While there are many options available in the free project management realm, it can be hard for businesses to find tools that meet their specific needs. As such, they may opt for project management tools that make scheduling meetings and managing projects a smoother process.

Project management tools can get exorbitant in their pricing. Free tools can get hefty in the amount of time they take to manage. Very few companies can provide robust, free options, which is why businesses often conduct research carefully to find the right tools to meet their needs.

Project Management Tools

Project management tools could enable businesses to be more efficient in their everyday processes. One way to decide on the best project management platform for your business is to first consider the tools that can help streamline specific tasks. Some valuable tools and tool features may include:

  • Collaborative agenda building
  • Daily Digest emails on meeting logistics and other key topics that require attention
  • The ability to share resources like relevant documents and materials
  • History of recurring meetings to help review the content of previous meetings.
  • In-meeting timer to keep meeting on track
  • Meeting notes and takeaways with collaborative shareability
  • Action Items and follow-ups
  • Distribution lists for recaps to ensure information goes to the right people
  • The ability to search through previous notes and minutes
  • Shareability through numerous resources like Hubspot, Salesforce, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote
  • Integrations to other platforms you may be utilizing


By deciding on the features that are necessary for your business, you can better understand what to look for as you compare many different tools. Looking through project management templates and choices with an understanding of key features can help take some of the guesswork out of the search.

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Roger Deetz, VP of Engineering at Springbuk

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