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Features Basic Pro Business
Before Meeting Efficiency for Your Team
Schedule faster with recommended availability
Build and collaborate on agendas
Choose from a vast template library
Integrate resources
Use rich text features
Share and view agenda and resources
Share and view agenda and resources
Create custom templates
Share team templates
Brand your agendas
View agenda read receipts
During Meeting Productivity for Your Team
Collaborate in real-time agendas and notes
Indicate decisions and takeaways
Integrate video conferencing
Assign tasks
Add inline images
Integrate project management tools
Guest Access
Post Meeting Effectiveness for Your Team
Share and view meeting highlights
Manage assigned tasks
Schedule follow-up meetings
Integrate document storage tools
Brand your recaps
Expedite follow-up meeting scheduling
Team task report view
View recap read receipts
Service and Retention
Platform Support
24 Hours
Priority Support
Account Rep
Access meeting history
45 Days
1 Year
For Sales and Marketing Teams
Send recap to Salesforce
Send recap to HubSpot
Apps and Integrations
Desktop App
Google Calendar
Microsoft Calendar
Slack chat notifications
Docket App for Zoom
Zoom video conferencing
Zoom chat notifications
Google Meet
Microsoft Teams
Zoom transcripts and recording
Docket is no longer in service. Thank you to all of our customers for letting us help you make meetings awesome!