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Docket is a meeting-focused workspace for collaborative agenda creation, decision documentation, and action item tracking. Rated a Leader in meeting management by G2.

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Productive meetings can often be crucial to a company’s success, but keeping meetings organized is not always easy. To plan effective meetings, team leaders could use a meeting intelligence platform that works kind of like digital organizer software for meetings. Docket is a meeting intelligence platform that offers the tools necessary to plan productive meetings that stay organized. While Docket can serve as a useful organizational tool, it is more than just digital organizer software. Docket can help team leaders create a meeting agenda, share resources, collaborate with team members during remote meetings, and keep everyone aligned and on track even after the meeting has ended. Digital organizer software like a meeting intelligence platform can provide the tools to enable team leaders to plan and run more productive meetings.

By taking advantage of organizational tools like digital organizer software, meeting planners could design better meetings that offer value before, during, and after the meeting. Team leaders can create detailed agendas so that everyone can know what to expect, and share resources ahead of time so that everyone is able to come prepared. During the meeting, decisions and important action items can be recorded in a collaborative space for documentation. A timer can also be used to keep the meeting moving along at the appropriate pace so that there is time to address every item on the agenda. After the meeting, organize software for meetings can help the team maintain momentum by documenting important takeaways, assigning and tracking next steps, and keeping everyone aligned toward a common goal.

A meeting intelligence platform can be a valuable tool for organizing any kind of meeting, but it can be especially helpful for planning and running remote meetings. Video conference meetings are relatively common now, and while they are a convenient way to connect team members who can’t be in the same location physically, they come with some additional organizational challenges. Using a digital meeting intelligence platform could make it easier to provide an agenda and resources to remote meeting attendees ahead of time, and can also make it easier to facilitate collaboration and information sharing during and after the meeting.

Tools To Help Managers Stay Organized

One of the organizational tools for  business that team leaders might find useful for planning effective meetings is a meeting intelligence platform. One significant advantage of a meeting intelligence platform is that it can allow team leaders to easily create meeting agendas. Building an agenda is an important step in the meeting planning process that helps everyone involved prepare for the meeting. By creating and distributing a meeting agenda to team members before the meeting, team leaders can enable them to show up to the meeting knowing what to expect and ready to participate. One of the tools to help managers stay organized that meeting intelligence software offers is an agenda building platform and agenda templates.

Using organizational tools for the office can make it easier for team leaders to plan successful meetings. A meeting intelligence platform can provide the tools for team leaders to build streamlined meeting agendas that can keep meetings organized and on track. An agenda can help set clear goals for the meeting  and ensure that everyone knows what to expect from the meeting in advance. A meeting with a clear, predetermined structure that has been communicated to attendees ahead of time is more likely to be productive than a meeting that was thrown together with no concrete goals or agenda items in mind. Such a meeting would most likely be a waste of time for everyone involved. 

By using organizational tools for business to create an effective meeting agenda and distribute it before the meeting starts, meeting planners can increase their odds of conducting an efficient and productive meeting. WIth Docket, meeting agendas are easy to create, either from scratch or by starting from a template. Customizing a pre-built template could be the quickest way to come up with a meeting agenda, especially for recurring meetings that need an element of consistency, Or, starting from a blank slate might be more appropriate for the situation. Whatever type of meeting the situation calls for, a meeting intelligence platform like Docket can provide the tools to simplify the process of creating an effective meeting agenda.

Professional Digital Organizer

Personal organization tools can be valuable assets to help teams stay organized and productive. There is professional organizer software available that can offer tools that could help team leaders hold more effective meetings. For example, meeting intelligence software can help improve organization and productivity in many different kinds of meetings. Professional digital organizer software doesn’t just help meetings run more smoothly; it offers tools that could improve nearly every step and aspect of the meeting process. It can help create effective meeting agendas before the meeting starts, it can provide tools to keep the meeting on track once it has begun, and it can offer organizational assistance after the meeting ends to ensure everyone knows what their next actions steps are.

Team leaders can use personal organization software designed for meeting productively to help them plan and run more effective meetings. Meeting intelligence software like Docket can help team leaders plan ahead to enable team members to prepare well and give meetings the highest possible chance of succeeding. Personal organization tools can also be used throughout the course of the meeting to keep team members focused and ensure every agenda item is given sufficient time and attention. Finally, professional organizer software can help turn the discussions in meetings into productive outcomes by recording key takeaways and tracking next steps to be taken. By providing organizational solutions at every stage of the meeting process, personal organization tools designed for meeting productively can help team leaders get the most out of their meetings.

Tools To Stay Organized At Work

Finding the right tools to stay organized at work can be a huge step towards improving productivity. However, finding the right tools is not always easy. Team leaders may want the best planner software for Windows to help them and their teams stay organized, but it is not always clear which tools are the best. Among the available digital tools to stay organized are meeting intelligence platforms that can help team leaders plan and conduct meetings that are more efficient and more productive. Keeping the planning process organized can often result in more effective meetings. 

Using digital tools to stay organized can make it easier to plan organized meetings and keep them  running efficiently once they are underway. Meeting intelligence platforms can allow team leaders to create meeting agendas ahead of time that encourage good meeting habits by providing everyone with access to the agenda items and the necessary resources, enabling them to show up prepared and equipped to contribute. 

Using meeting intelligence tools to stay organized at work can also make it easier to stay organized curing meetings, not just while planning them. Docket’s collaborative meeting minutes and notes feature allows team members to record important quotes, ideas, and takeaways as they are happening and makes those notes available for anyone to review after the meeting is over. This way, everyone can benefit from collective note-taking. Additionally, sharing the same pool of documentation after the meeting can help everyone remain focused on the same takeaways and aligned toward the same goals.

Desktop Organizer Software

There are a variety of tools to get organized that a business could use, such as desktop organizer software or PC organizer software. Another type of organizational software that might benefit a business is meeting intelligence software. This type of organizational tool could provide team leaders with the ability to plan meetings in a more organized fashion and to run meetings more productivity. A meeting organization platform could also help teams to stay organized and focused on key takeaways after the meeting is finished. 

One of the ways a meeting intelligence platform can help team leaders plan meetings more effectively is by allowing them to share resources with their team in advance of the meeting. By attaching relevant links, documents, or other types of files to the meeting agenda directly, meeting attendees can see everything they need to know in order to prepare for the meeting all in one convenient location. This could make it easier for everyone to show up to  the meeting prepared so that the meeting can get underway quickly and have a productive outcome.

Team Collaboration Software

There are even more benefits to using the best organizational tools designed for meeting productively. Team collaboration software like a meeting intelligence platform can encourage collaboration among members of a team during virtual meetings. Remote meetings are usually more challenging than in-person meetings because it can be difficult to keep everyone engaged when no one is sitting in the same room as anyone else. Even if there are just a few individuals calling into the meeting remotely, keeping those individuals engaged with the rest of the group might be tricky.

By using project collaboration tools, everyone might have an easier time collaborating with one another in a virtual setting. A shared digital workspace in which everyone can work together in an organized way, even if they are not in the same place physically, could provide a way to achieve greater productivity in virtual meetings. After the meeting is over, project tracker software can help everyone remain organized. Docket offers tools that allow meeting participants to review meeting results and action items and track and share their progress toward goals. This kind of team collaboration software could help team leaders keep their remote teams productive with effective virtual collaboration tools.

“Docket has quickly become essential to doing our best work at Studio Science. Meetings are critically important to the services we provide clients, and having a platform dedicated to making meetings more effective, collaborative, and structured is game changing.”

Steve Pruden, CEO at Studio Science

“Docket helps us build better agendas, easily share notes, and follow up on action items. We have noticed our meetings have better preparation and follow through since partnering with Docket.”

Roger Deetz, VP of Engineering at Springbuk

Docket is no longer in service. Thank you to all of our customers for letting us help you make meetings awesome!