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One on Ones

One-on-ones are a helpful way for managers to connect with employees individually, update them on their progress, and discuss future goals. One-on-one conversations can take many forms depending on the organization and what each party hopes to get out of the meeting. For instance, one-on-one communication in the workplace might take place on-site or through phone or video chat to accommodate remote workers. When planning a meeting with an employee, it can be helpful to use a one-on-one meeting with employee template to help structure your discussion and ensure you touch on all critical points.


Likewise, if you’re an employee looking to schedule a meeting with your manager, you may benefit from using a one-on-one conversation with manager guide or template. You can also browse one-to-one conversation examples for a better understanding of what personal meetings can or should look like. While a one-on-one meeting agenda sample can serve as a rough guide for structuring meetings, you should tailor it to your organization and the standard procedures you follow at your company. One-on-one meetings can create open communication and a more productive work environment, so it’s crucial to find the meeting format that’s most useful to your business. It is equally important to understand best practices for an effective hybrid workforce when planning virtual one on ones.


Docket’s meeting productivity platform is designed to improve the efficiency of meetings before they start, while they’re occurring, and even after they’re over. With Docket, you can access helpful tools and resources to make your meetings more productive. Docket helps users host engaging one-on-one meetings, covering essential topics and walking away from the conversation with a defined road map for a future course of action.

One-on-One Meeting

One-on-one meetings with employees can be casual or more structured conversations. A casual meeting is more informal and may be held to check in with an employee, discuss any challenges they may be facing, and how things are going in their lives. Structured meetings, by contrast, are usually held with a specific goal in mind. For example, if an employee has expressed interest in taking on new tasks, they might have a one-on-one meeting with their manager to determine what steps they need to take to work towards that goal.


Viewing examples of one-on-one meeting questions and answers can give you a better idea of the topics discussed at each type of meeting. One-on-one meeting questions may center around the employee’s progress on specific objectives or what the organization as a whole might do to improve their experience at work. There is no right or wrong way to structure your meeting, as each employee and each company is different, but using a one-on-one meeting template or one-on-one meeting with manager template, especially if you’re new to holding these kinds of meetings, can be extremely helpful. What is most important setting clear objectives while reducing anxiety and creating a safe way to connect and collaborate.


When creating your one-on-one meeting agenda, you may first want to come up with a one-on-one meeting title. This can make the meeting feel more official and get employees excited about the conversation. It can also help set the tone and theme for the meeting. There are so many ways that you can get creative with your one-on-ones. Contrary to popular belief, they do not have to be dry and dull. You can liven them up with engaging questions and productive agendas. Taking the time to construct helpful meetings can be valuable to managers and employees alike.

How to Run One on Ones

There are many different ways to run one-on-one meetings, and what works for one business won’t necessarily be ideal for another, so it’s important to consider the needs of your employees and what they would benefit most from. Manager-led meetings are an excellent opportunity for new employees to assess their performance and ask any questions they might have. One of the significant downsides to these meetings, however, is that employees may struggle to remain engaged if the manager is doing all the talking.


This is why many organizations opt to hold employee-led meetings in which employees get the chance to sit down with their managers and take charge of the conversation, demonstrating their knowledge and suggesting plans for the future. Whether you’re holding an employee-led or manager-led meeting, it can be helpful to utilize a one-on-one meeting template PDF or a 1-on-1 meeting template. These can provide further instruction on how to run one-on-ones. To create a 1:1 meeting invite, you can also use a 1-on-1 meeting with manager template. Similarly, if you want to record data related to the meeting, you can use a 1-1 meeting template Excel file.


Making a good first impression at your meetings with employees is crucial. As such, you might consider using a first one-on-one meeting with employee template for inspiration. This can help you decide how to structure your meeting, how to greet employees when they arrive, and what questions to ask. If you’re an employee hosting a meeting with your manager, you should likewise look for a template designed specifically for employee-led meetings. There are a variety of one-on-one templates out there, so regardless of the type of meeting you’re holding, you should be able to find something that suits your business needs.

One on Ones With Employees Template

Using a one-on-ones with employees template can enable you to conduct a smoother, more engaging meeting. You have many different options when it comes to templates. For example, you can use a one-on-one meeting template free file or one-on-one meeting template Word document as a free guide for structuring your meeting. If you’re an employee, you can use a one-on-one meeting template for employee document. To send an email to set up the meeting, you can use a one-on-one meeting email template for employee. An employee one-on-one meeting template doc or free employee one-on-one meeting template doc can also be helpful for employees that are structuring meetings.


PowerPoints are another great tool to take advantage of in meetings. Accessing a one-on-one meeting template PPT file can be a great way to learn more about PowerPoint presentations and how to incorporate them into your meetings for greater clarity and visualization. Whatever one-on-one meeting template with manager you choose to use as an employee, it’s essential to tailor it to your organization and what you’re hoping to accomplish at the meeting.

One on Ones Manager Tools

One-on-ones manager tools can help enhance one-on-one meetings with employees. To learn more about what these entail, you can view manager tools basics guides, a manager tools feedback model, or even listen to a manager tools one on one podcast and access the manager tools show notes. There are many different ways that managers can learn about conducting more effective meetings, so it’s worth experimenting with various tools and solutions to find the ones that work best for your organization.


For a more in-depth look into management tools, you can read a manager tools one on one basics PDF or manager tools one on one form. A manager tools one-on one email template can even give you a better understanding of how to use tools within emails. For example, you might use a tool to incorporate GIFs into your emails to liven things up or create a personalized signature. Tools like these can help employees stay engaged and get them excited about the meeting at hand.


One on One Meeting With Manager

There are a number of topics employees might discuss in a one-on-one meeting with manager scenario. They can talk about their specific goals and design a roadmap for reaching those goals within a certain period of time. If it’s the employee’s first one-on-one meeting with manager, they might use the opportunity to inquire further about the organization and learn more about their specific role. If you’re the manager, using a first one-on-one meeting with employee template or employee one-on one meeting template can help ensure you ask good questions.


As the manager, you might ask the following one-on-one meeting questions: how are you enjoying your position so far? What are some of the goals you’ve achieved? Is there anything you’re struggling with? What can we do to improve your working experience and help you progress in your role here? There is a myriad of one-on-one meeting with manager questions and answers you can incorporate into your meetings, and using a one-on-one meeting with manager template can help ensure you hit on all the most important ones.


One on ones present an excellent opportunity to establish an open line of communication between management and employees, and so all parties involved should take the time to carefully construct these personal meetings in order to make them as productive and engaging as possible. Using templates and other guides can help you get things off on the right track and stay focused on the topics that matter most. Whether you’re holding an employee-led or manager-led meeting, it’s vital to find creative ways to make them enjoyable, and software like that offered by Docket can help you do so.



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