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Meeting Minutes Templates

Meeting Minutes Templates For Any Type Of Meeting Or Purpose

One of the best ways to keep a meeting on track is to use a meeting minutes template to not only set the agenda, but to also keep the meeting focused on the topics that need to be covered. The best meeting minutes template for professionals shouldn’t be difficult to find. Docket makes finding a wide variety of meeting minutes template documents fast and easy. And better yet, a free project meeting minutes template excels your meetings to keep all attendees aware of what’s being discussed at present, what topics have already been covered, and where the meeting is headed next.

It can be overwhelming to search for the best minutes of meeting template with action items that are based in Excel. Whether it is a quick team status meeting or a corporate-wide conference meeting, a simple meeting minutes template should produce an official minutes of meeting in Excel, Microsoft document, or Adobe pdf format. The best minutes of meeting sample pdf will also allow for various types of content such as text, graphics, hyperlinks, and other interactive fields.



Professional and Business Meeting Minutes Templates

Choose a website that provides not only the classic professional meeting minutes template, but also templates for different types of business meetings. Project start-up meetings, information sharing meetings, problem solving meetings, status updates and team building are just a few types of business sample meeting minutes that are made available in Excel, doc, and pdf forms.

Consider a professional minutes of meeting format document that is used to finalize a new service offering or a new product launch. A professional meeting template will keep the meeting organized and may include a list of attendees and agenda topics along with time allocations to stay on point and on task. The template can be extended to include as many topic sessions necessary to conclude the meeting with good results. Other types of professional minutes of meeting format may include templates for:

  • Board Meeting Minutes
  • Staff Meeting Minutes
  • Project Meeting Minutes
  • Committee Meeting Minutes

Many business meetings start with a review of actions taken and completed that were discussed at the last meeting. You can always combine meeting minutes templates to kick-off a meeting with a review of the progress of previous actions that were discussed. Doing this prior to discussing new business will clear up old concerns that are no longer relevant. This is also a good way for the entire group to feel as if the meetings are productive and producing real results.


Informal meetings will have less structure when compared to these types of formal business meetings, yet informal meetings can also benefit from a template that will keep the discussion focused and on track. Meeting templates can be used for one-on-one or a team meeting that gives everyone a chance to discuss their projects and any issues they may be having. Following a template format for a one-on-one meeting is a good way to stay on track, because these types of meetings can easily begin to ramble and lose focus.


Informal Meeting Minutes Templates

Even loosely structured meetings can benefit from the use of an informal meeting minutes template. Similar to a formal meeting, informal meetings really should have an agenda along with a place for jotting down topics discussed. Informal meetings are often scheduled on a recurring basis such as weekly project meetings, daily sales meetings, or monthly division meetings. An informal meeting minutes template document can be used to record the discussion of many informal workplace gatherings:

  • Problem Solving Groups
  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Team Building
  • Employee Training
  • Daily Operations

Informal meetings allow the opportunity for management to meet regularly with their employees. But, even these informal meetings can be poorly run and ineffective. These are some of the best times to motivate employees and send a message that management is willing to listen to their concerns, and respond. A copy of the minutes of informal meetings will allow corporate a hard copy version of the meeting which includes suggestions and points they want to follow up on.

Keeping informal meeting minutes will give management the information they need to respond with business operating changes. The feedback can be invaluable for boosting employee morale and increasing productivity.


Staff Meeting Minutes Templates

It is important to make staff meetings as productive and engaging as possible. Employees may have negative feelings about attending the regular staff meetings held by division heads or corporate management. But, this is the perfect time to show corporate transparency while also keeping everyone up to date on overall business objectives. You can adapt your staff meeting minutes template to fit the specific type of staff or business you are running, including construction, medical, school staff, sales, or administrative employees.

A staff meeting minutes template document can be used to remind the meeting leader of the many topics that should be covered along with time slots to keep the meeting moving along. Staff meetings will generally include the following types of information:

  • A review of items covered in the last meeting
  • Employee recognition or completed project praise
  • Major developments such as new projects or new clients
  • Action items detailing what is expected from different groups

The best way to keep employees attentive in staff meetings is to keep the meeting moving along smoothly. It’s also a good idea to always start on time and discuss noteworthy news first. At the end of a staff meeting can be a good time to seek feedback on how these meetings can be improved in the future.


Project Meeting Minutes Templates

Effective project meetings will have a purpose and an agenda that is set in advance. Also having clearcut goals for the meeting for everyone to see in advance will give attendees a chance to formulate ideas and input before the meeting starts. While project meeting documentation can be organized in a project meeting minutes template Excel format, it is best in a structured meeting tool like Docket that details project activities that must be completed and who will be assigned to those tasks. Here are some types of project meeting minutes formats available for project meetings:

  • Kickoff Meetings
  • Walk-Through Meetings
  • Project Planning Meetings
  • Problem Solving Meetings
  • Project Presentations to Clients
  • Milestone and Scheduling
  • Project Debriefing

Project meetings will focus on the most current information concerning project goals and accomplishments. Often budgets are discussed, schedules are modified, and quality issues are reviewed. Sometimes projects can be very complex with different stakeholders, team leaders, and team members. Using a project meeting template is the best way to keep these types of meetings moving forward and being effective.

Allowing discussions to veer off-topic or not effectively handling project action items will negatively affect time management and encourages employees to skip these meetings altogether. The best project meeting minutes templates allows for setting an agenda in addition to allowing for a balance of time to receive employee input. When one employee dominates the meeting or goes off-topic, you can always refer everyone back to the agenda and time frame that has been previously set.


Board Meeting Minutes Templates

A board meeting minutes template is the perfect way to run a successful board meeting that reduces stress and will improve the overall outcome of the meeting. When time is poorly managed in a board meeting, members become tired, distracted, and frustrated. You reduce the chances of wasting everyone’s time and energy when a clearly defined agenda is set and based on actionable items as opposed to time frames. These executive sessions can be long and grueling but they can remain productive when a meeting minutes template is prepared and followed.

Here are some different types of board meetings that can benefit from a pre-planned meeting agenda:

  • Regular Board Meetings
  • Emergency Board Meetings
  • Special or Closed Meetings
  • Reconvened Meetings
  • Board Meetings for Public Posting

A nonprofit board meeting minutes template can be used to discuss the organizations budget or vision. It can be crucial to make a personal connection between the non-profit’s mission and the at-large board members. A detailed and strict agenda can be the best strategy for success. Recapping of old information can be minimized while strategic goals for the next year are prioritized. 

Often a non-profit must publicize board meeting dates and agendas. Using a board meeting minutes template can be used to double as a public notice of an annually scheduled board meeting and it’s agenda.


Committee Meeting Minutes Templates

Flexibility is key to a good committee meeting minutes template that must address the concerns of organizational members that formed the committee. Businesses, social clubs, nonprofts, schools, and institutions will all form committees to tackle certain goals. The main purpose of committee meetings is to assign leadership and individual tasks for the purpose of carrying out the committee’s role. 

You can find committee meeting minutes templates to meet the needs of the following types of committees:

  • Standing Committees are permanent groups set up to consider issues and recommend measures.
  • Ad Hoc Committees are established short-term to study or investigate issues.
  • Joint Committees are made up of different industry leaders to further market sector goals.

No matter which type of committee meeting you are planning, having an effective agenda is necessary to accomplish decision-making, problem solving, reporting and accountability. A committee meeting minutes template is useful in clarifying objectives and making sure all objectives are discussed. Under the above types of committees, organizations will establish committees for the following:

  • steering committee
  • advisory committee
  • audit committee
  • development committee

Keeping committee meeting notes will eliminate the repeat of previous discussions and ensure all problems are covered. Flexibility in template layout and information is needed because of the diversity of committee types and functions. The committee meeting minutes can also serve as a tool for reviewing progress and appropriating funds.

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