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Leadership Meetings

Run highly strategic and collaborative leadership sessions to plan initiatives and stay aligned as a team

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Focus on Goals

It’s easy for these meetings to turn toward the tactical and miss the big picture. A clear agenda focused on company goals, metrics, and outcomes will keep everyone in the right headspace to plan accordingly.


Gather everyone’s feedback

Gathering input from across the organization is critical in developing a plan that works well. Prioritizing objectives in a vacuum can leave important perspectives out, so keep it open and make those hard decisions.


Complete the loop

The goal of these meetings is to find ways to be more productive, efficient, and focused on the right things, and that all takes follow-through. Assign tasks to the right people so you can see improvements fast.

Docket makes meetings easy, transparent, and organized. I love the ability to create and share meeting agendas with my team, take notes collaboratively, and then share the tasks and a recap from the meeting in just a couple of clicks.
Steve Dogiakos
Docket is no longer in service. Thank you to all of our customers for letting us help you make meetings awesome!