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Fun Sales Meeting Ideas

Are you in desperate need of some fun sales meetings ideas? If so, that’s understandable. We’ve all had the unfortunate experience of sitting in a meeting that felt ineffective at best or an epic fail at worst. Even direr, many of us have had the highly unpleasant task of overseeing a sales meeting, led team building games, or tried to use fun icebreakers for meetings that turned out to be a lackluster bore.

There are several common types of sales meetings you may be looking to improve. Whether you’ll be conducting a sales meeting for a potential buyer or providing an internal sales meeting, wasteful meetings have become the norm. And that’s a sad thing because it doesn’t have to be that way.

Armed with the right knowledge, preparation, and tools, you can conduct your sales meetings like a pro. Best yet, everyone present can have a great time while accomplishing your sales meeting agenda.

What are you in need of that’s meeting-specific? Depending on the type of sales meeting you’ll be conducting, that could include any of the following:

  • Weekly team meeting ideas
  • First team meeting ideas
  • A weekly sales meeting template
  • Annual sales meeting ideas
  • Fun morning huddle ideas
  • A quarterly sales meeting agenda
  • Cycle meeting ideas
  • A sales call agenda
  • Client sales meeting agenda
  • Much more

Regardless of the type of meeting you oversee, easy solutions and cool meeting ideas are available once you know where to look. More than anything, you want out of the box sales meeting ideas— ones that are original, witty, compelling and humorous. Let’s begin with the fun part, shall we?

The Starting Point: Fun Sales Meeting Ideas

Before anything else in your sales meeting, you’ll want to kick them off with a little fun and sprinkle some more throughout. Creating fun meetings allows those present to loosen up, laugh and relax. It also builds trust. The fact you took the time to provide this environment and that you were clever enough to pull it off will speak volumes about your company.

The first sales team meeting agenda should be to ‘lighten up’. Everyone will be far more receptive to what needs to be accomplished if you use this strategy. If you fail to create a fun sales meeting atmosphere, you could have all of the other right components in the meeting and it could still fall flat.

This is all too common and leaves meeting overseers and attendees alike bewildered. What was missing? Often those attending can’t quite say. It regularly turns out that the absent component was just having an enjoying time together.

Wondering what to say in a sales meeting to start it off on a fun note? Or, how to keep meeting attendees engaged throughout the process? Here are a few more ideas and fun activities to liven up meetings.

Include Some Games: A worthy idea of how to start a sales meeting on the fun side is to include sales meeting games or ice breaker games for meetings. These don’t have to be drawn out. In fact, 5 minute games for meetings are quite common.

One of the great virtues of icebreakers for meetings is they get everyone involved. This could otherwise be a challenge especially if you’ve drawn quite a crowd for your meeting. Icebreaker games for large groups and small ones work remarkably well to start off your meeting. You can also use them in the middle of a longer sales meeting if monotony is a concern.

Fun kickoff ideas like games also are effective for beginning each day and starting your agenda, commonly known as a daily huddle. Fun huddle topics can help employees look forward to what’s often one of the ‘heaviest’ times of the day. A list of tasks stretches out before them and it can feel overwhelming. Daily huddle ideas or sales huddle ideas such as games can be adapted to be shorter in this situation.

If you take the effort to make your morning huddles fun, you’ll create the habit of starting each new day with positivity. Many times, that’ll carry over throughout the day, giving you greater energy to persevere as a team when obstacles arise.

Hire an Entertainer: If you’re responsible for conducting a sales meeting, you may feel you need to be an entertainer to get the attention of those present. The truth is you shouldn’t have to ‘stand on your head’ to get people engaged.

Why not hire an entertainer like a comedian to be a part of your meeting instead? There are just certain people in the world gifted to create happy vibes. You can tap into the gifts of others and make your meeting a smash hit.

Use Visuals: The use of visuals makes everything better. That could be providing charts, photos or videos. This gets more of the senses involved, helping those present to retain the information better and to find the process more enjoyable. And if you can, throwing in a humorous video relevant to your industry never hurts.

Motivational Sales Meeting Ideas

Making your sales meeting fun is only part of the battle though. You’ll also want your presentation to be motivational to either your prospective client or sales team. Motivational sales meeting topics abound and thankfully there’s no shortage of inspirational stories to include in your sales meeting.

Motivational sales meeting ideas or motivational sales meeting themes are a great way to get the emotions involved. Having fun ideas that allow others to loosen up, laugh and relax is a great starting point but you also want to leave your group feeling energized and inspired.

This could involve showing a motivational video created by your company or by your industry at large. You could also have a team member share about some of their recent successes to encourage others to do the same. You may also want to consider hiring a motivational speaker to come to one of your larger events such as a quarterly sales meeting or annual sales meeting.

Another idea is to include corporate team building activities in your sales meetings. After all, communication team building activities can be an excellent way to improve the way your team works together. This could involve teambuilding games or interactive meeting ideas as your speaker finds creative ways to pose questions and get everyone involved.

In summary, you want a combination of fun and motivational themes for your sales meetings. Sales meeting themes for growth means inspiring those present at your event to accomplish more than they thought they could before. If this objective of sales meeting is missing, those attending won’t be inspired to change for the better.

A lack of inspiration is one of the biggest reasons for boring meetings. Although those present at your meeting are facing many challenges, deep down, they want to keep improving in their work and life in general. Your job is to show them how and show them it’s possible by incorporating motivating themes in all of your sales meetings.

Quick Sales Meeting Ideas

Of course, you want effectiveness, but you also need to quickly implement the aspects of your meetings. One of the biggest reasons sales meetings fail is because of ‘creative fatigue’. Those planning the meetings want something better but they don’t have the mental energy or time to do that. There are just too many other demands to oversee on a daily basis to make it happen.

A hundred concerns may rush at you during the meeting creation and follow-up process including the need for meeting notes, agenda templates and recaps. You also may be left foraging for some of these:

  • Topics for team meetings at work
  • A list of sales topics
  • A sales and marketing meeting agenda pdf
  • Sales meeting agenda examples
  • Sales meeting agenda topics
  • Sales strategy meeting agenda
  • Meeting follow-up strategies
  • Many other possibilities

As we’ll soon see, this doesn’t have to be a drawn-out process. You can have all of these components at your fingertips to easily implement as needed.

Unique and Creative Sales Meeting Ideas

Out of the box meeting ideas don’t just happen. And providing unique and creative sales meeting ideas and sales kick off ideas can be a huge responsibility. So much so that it’s often unrealistic to place that burden on individuals within a company without providing them with some high-quality tools to ensure optimal sales meeting success. It doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds either.

If you read this and said to yourself, “Wow, that’s a lot of work,” we understand. It’s the whole reason we exist at Docket. We saw the huge need there was for creative and well-planned meetings and that far too many don’t go nearly as well as they could.

After all, you’re often paying big-time money to have everyone together for that meeting even if it’s only for an hour or less. More than that, if your meeting isn’t successful, you’ll have lost even more than you paid in wages.

You’ll have lost the potential productivity your employees could’ve had during that time. You also have the concern of losing clients if you’re presenting your product or services to a lead and you’re not at your best.

The good news is that with Docket, creative and unique sales meeting ideas don’t have to take you weeks to develop. You can also cast aside needless anxiety about making sure they’re effective.

Are You in Need of More Effective and Engaging Meetings?

There are so many components to an effective meeting that it can be easy to settle for mediocrity. Docket’s media intelligence platform is an ineffective meeting buster. And we streamline the process before, during and after the meeting is over.

What businesses are finding most helpful is a group of tools that can be used regardless of the type of meeting or industry they’re in. Whether you need car sales meeting ideas, sales meeting ideas for bankers or a fresh list of sales topics for a different industry, Docket can help.

Regardless of your meeting needs, company size or industry, Docket helps you to create and execute fun and effective meetings. And in a fraction of the time ineffective and boring ones take to implement! If you’re ready to see the Docket difference, feel free to get started.

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