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Meeting Resources

One place for every meeting resource

Attach relevant resources like files and links directly to your meeting agenda ahead of time to create a single repository for your guests. Eliminate time spent searching for the latest version and get to work on solving problems.

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Share it. Save it. Search it.

Share the resources alongside discussion topics prior to the meeting and save them when the meeting is over. Can’t find that report mentioned last week? Pull up the meeting in Docket and find what you need fast.

How it works

In the Docket Agenda builder, select an Agenda Item and click, ‘Add Resource’ to choose a resource type. You can also copy and paste links directly into the meeting agenda. Additional resources can be attached to the meeting overall from the ‘Resources’ tab of the Meeting Editor.

Note: Resources shared through Docket meetings are accessible to all meeting guests according to the resource permissions. This includes password-protected files and cloud-based folder permissions.

Docket is no longer in service. Thank you to all of our customers for letting us help you make meetings awesome!