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Effective Team Meetings

Work meetings are often portrayed as annoying or boring. Most people would rather be doing something else, and they might even feel like the meeting is a waste of time. This feeling is common, but it is not an indication that meetings are bad and should be removed from the workplace. It means the opposite, in fact: most companies could be doing a lot more to improve their team meetings. One of the reasons people feel like they are wasting their time in meetings is because the meetings they are sitting through are not effective. Running effective team meetings is vital to the productivity of almost every company. However, most companies could be running more productive team meetings if they made some improvements to the way they approach meetings.


There are many different resources, tools, and strategies that companies can use to make their meetings more efficient. An effective team meeting should have all three of the following:

  • A clear agenda before the meeting
  • An element of collaboration during the meeting
  • Clear takeaways and action items after the meeting

A meeting productivity platform can provide the tools to achieve each of these goals. A meeting that is disorganized and lacks one or more of these elements is unlikely to be a productive team meeting. A meeting that has a clear agenda, a collaborative aspect, and an actionable takeaway is more likely to be an effective team meeting.


To understand why these three ingredients are so essential to a productive meeting, it is important to first understand the purpose of team meetings. Delivering information to employees is one purpose of team meetings, but that isn’t the only purpose. When a manager or trainer spends a long time talking at employees, they may get bored, feel like their time is being wasted, and stop paying attention. Productive team meetings should also encourage teamwork and help align and focus everyone’s goals.

Team Meeting Topics For Discussion

Even when meetings themselves are conducted effectively, it can sometimes be difficult to decide what to discuss in team meetings. The pre-meeting stage is just as important as actually putting on the meeting because if the person leading the meeting does not come prepared with an agenda, the meeting is doomed to fail before it even begins. 


It could be helpful for managers or trainers who are planning team meetings to first decide exactly what the topic of the meeting is. If they are having trouble coming up with a clear topic, they could try brainstorming some team meeting topics for discussion. Being proactive about coming up with new team meeting ideas could make it easier to plan meetings effectively.


Once a topic for the meeting has been settled, a detailed agenda of meeting topics to discuss can be created. Bringing a focused agenda to the meeting will help the meeting run smoothly and stay on track. A meeting productivity platform can make it easier to create focused agendas for team meetings. Meeting facilitators can create agendas that keep the group productive as they review work previously completed, define new goals and next steps, and make a plan to work together to complete those steps.

Effective Weekly Team Meetings

A meeting productivity platform could include features that can help companies hold more effective weekly team meetings. An agenda planning tool can help team leaders plan focused meetings that stay on course and give everyone a voice. Leaders can even choose a weekly operations meeting agenda template to save time planning weekly team meeting agenda topics and help maintain a consistent weekly review meeting format.


A meeting productivity platform can help the whole team focus on the purpose of weekly team meetings and prepare them for a productive week. Resource sharing allows everyone to have access to key documents and materials, even if they weren’t at the meeting. The ability to share key information more efficiently can translate into greater productivity.


Meeting productivity platforms can also allow team members to review past meetings if they need to revisit previous decisions and action items. This can enable workers to catch themselves up or refresh their memories and start working toward current goals as quickly as possible. Meeting management software can also keep a record of meeting notes and minutes to help track weekly team meeting ideas. Keeping an archive of past meeting minutes can increase the benefits of weekly team meetings by making the information available even after the meeting is over. 

Effective Meetings Guidelines

It is challenging to run an effective meeting without following some effective meetings guidelines. Without an effective meeting checklist, the meeting is likely to veer from item to item with no real sense of organization. The discussion is likely to become difficult to follow, and attendees will probably leave the meeting with only a vague, disjointed takeaway. This is not the best way to run an effective meeting.


Instead, a team leader can ensure an effective meeting by coming prepared with an effective meeting agenda. Planning an agenda ahead of time can help keep the meeting focused and keep the discussion moving in a clear direction. A meeting that follows an effective meeting agenda is more likely to leave employees with a firm picture of a goal and what they need to be doing to reach it. If a meeting facilitator is struggling to come up with a structured agenda, they could try using a team meeting agenda template to organize their ideas.


Keeping an in-person meeting on track is hard enough, but it can become even more challenging when the meeting is virtual. Careful planning and organization are even more important to running an effective virtual meeting. Much like an in-person meeting, virtual team meeting ideas should be organized into a clear agenda before the meeting. Emailing this agenda to everyone ahead of time can help attendees come prepared. 

Leadership Skills For Effective Team Meetings

The first step to a successful meeting is planning a clear agenda. The second step is to lead the meeting itself. Even with an effective agenda, a meeting can still go poorly if the leader does not utilize effective meeting skills. Leaders who want to develop better leadership skills for effective team meetings should consider the following positive staff meeting ideas:


It might be helpful to allow a few minutes at the beginning of the meeting for people to socialize. People are going to need a few minutes to settle in anyway, so encouraging them to catch up with one another for a moment before starting the meeting could actually be beneficial. It creates a valuable weekly time for coworkers who might not otherwise have much interaction to connect. This is great for team building and improving communication skills.


There are other team meeting ideas for communication as well. Team leaders should make an effort to include everyone in the discussion so everyone’s ideas are heard. Encouraging a collaborative atmosphere where everyone participates equally is one of the most important leadership skills for effective team meetings.

Team Meeting Agenda

Creating a team meeting agenda is one of the best ways to make sure a meeting runs smoothly. However, it is not always easy to plan a team meeting agenda. There are many types of team meetings, and not all of them call for the same type of agenda. Planning team meeting agenda topics for different types of team meetings can sometimes get complicated and disorganized, especially when there is a regular weekly or monthly team meeting agenda to plan.


A meeting productivity platform can make planning a team meeting agenda easier by providing meeting facilitators with team meeting templates. Using a weekly team meeting agenda template can help a team leader save time planning meetings. A monthly team meeting agenda template could also provide a consistent structure for more organized meetings. Employees can come to a meeting better prepared when they are provided with a clearly structured team meeting agenda in advance.

Team Meetings Ideas

Sometimes the best way to boost productivity in a meeting is to make it a little bit more fun. Long, boring meetings can wear on anyone’s attention span even if they are planned and led well. Team leaders can use meeting agenda templates as a convenient starting point from which to structure many kinds of meetings, including meetings that make use of fun team meeting ideas. Fun meeting topics could be useful for team-building meetings or as a way to keep everyone’s attention. Either way, including some fun team meeting topics for discussion, could be a way to make meetings more effective.


Planning fun team meeting topics for discussion can be a good way to engage attendees with the information instead of boring them and losing their interest. When everyone participates in the meeting, they are more likely to get something out of it. Fun meeting topics can make it easier for attendees to remain engaged and interested, which ensures everyone is equipped to be as productive as possible afterward. 

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