Docket Competitors and Docket Alternatives

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Docket is a meeting-focused workspace for collaborative agenda creation, decision documentation, and action item tracking.

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Our customers have rated us as the leader in meeting management software based on verified reviews from G2. Read some of what they have to say.

A Meeting Intelligence Platform For Clarity and Alignment

With Docket, everyone is kept on the same page before, during, and after every meeting. Preparation reminders drive clarity of purpose and a collaborative workspace fosters transparency and alignment. After the meeting, follow up on action items and decisions effectively and efficiently, while saving organized meeting resources securely for later.

Docket Competitors & Docket Alternatives

Docket Reviews

Our customers make meetings awesome. From daily stand-ups to quarterly planning sessions and client onboarding calls, Docket users make every type of meeting more effective and business meeting processes more efficient. Thanks to them, Docket is a leader in meeting management software. Our platform is built with decades of leadership and meeting management experience to increase overall collaboration productivity at every stage.

The challenge of ineffective meetings isn’t a new one. And while we are helping teams solve problems with software, our dedicated support team is what sets us apart. We want to partner with you to make meetings awesome, so when you need a hand wrangling back your calendar, we will be there to listen and help in any way we can. Don’t believe us? Ask our customers:

Docket reviews sourced by G2

It is estimated that in the United States alone, more than $34 billion is wasted in bad meetings every year. Are bad meetings costing you? It is important to examine your calendar as well as your teams’ calendars to fully understand how a change in your business meeting processes may affect how your business gets work done.

Docket Features

More than 10,000 teams use Docket’s platform to manage better meetings and maintain strong alignment with clients and stakeholders. From meeting creation to follow-up and next steps, Docket has a suite of intuitive, easy-to-use tools to guide teams through managing productive meetings end-to-end.

Docket features like automated daily digest emails and customizable agenda templates help ensure all meeting participants show up to the meeting prepared. Other features like collaborative note-taking, an in-meeting timer, and attribution help to make the most of the meeting time. Finally, once the meeting is over, decisions are documented alongside assigned tasks and searchable resources so that meeting notes and important documents are never lost to unorganized folders or poor memories.

Every feature of Docket’s meeting intelligence platform is designed to create clarity, promote transparency, maintain alignment, and increase productivity for you and your team.

Additionally, Docket boasts a growing list of integrations with top calendar providers, video conferencing tools, document storage solutions, project management tools, customer relationship management platforms (CRMs), and chat providers. Don’t miss out on integrations like Zoom, HubSpot, or Google Drive. View our full list of integrations in Docket.

Docket Competitors

There are many products that focus on aspects of meetings like scheduling, note-taking, and collaboration, but no one provides end-to-end meeting enhancement like Docket. Just as a sports dynasty develops through preparation and reflection, Docket believes the best meetings occur when the before, during, and after are given equal importance. 

We know that better meeting management sounds like added effort. Docket is intentional about creating an intelligent and light environment for our users to accomplish what they need to and quickly. We are on a mission to rid the world of ineffective meetings and hope you’ll join us on our journey, which is why we focus on making our platform easy to use for all types of work habits and organization types.

Docket Alternatives

Managing meetings looks different depending on a wide range of factors. From the individual-level, certain people are more organized and desire order than others. These highly-organized individuals like to see every box checked and folder organized. Professionals with a high level of organization love Docket as they can rapidly ensure consistency in meeting practices and save their meeting notes alongside other important information and resources.

Of course, the alternative is someone who puts value in other aspects of their work-life. This is especially true for agile teams who value working software over comprehensive documentation. For those that like to move fast and break things, Docket can help to provide a framework of consistency and serve as a guide for saving important decisions for new team members or external stakeholders.

Additionally, in terms of client-facing meetings, the alternative to Docket is a manual meeting process with unconnected resources in disparate systems. Leaders of client-or-prospect-facing meetings like sales reps, consultants, or agencies enjoy Docket’s ability to set expectations and provide consistent customer engagement experiences. 

Docket Pricing

Docket offers a freemium plan for individuals looking to lead effective meetings. To get started, sync your Google or Microsoft calendar and begin making meetings awesome. Docket offers two paid tiers, Pro and Business, for teams wanting to boost meeting efficiency and maximize meeting productivity.

In Docket’s Pro plan, features for client-facing meetings like customizable emails, guest access, and deeper integrations with video conferencing solutions and project management tools are available. Docket’s Business plan is perfect for larger teams who need greater visibility across their organization as well as deeper integrations with top CRMs. Take a closer look at our pricing and packaging, or get started with Docket today.

What are bad meetings costing you?


71% of professionals lose time every week due to unnecessary or meandering meetings.


45% of employees feel overwhelmed by the number of meetings they attend.


62% of employees believe meetings miss the opportunity to bring people closer.