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“SkuVault uses Docket to keep track of important customer notes.”

Docket has helped thousands of teams adopt better meeting habits with shared agenda creation, stored meeting history and action item tracking.

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Chris Prather, Director of Customer Success

SkuVault’s inventory management software for ecommerce gives sellers complete visibility and insight into the inventory journey. Chris Prather, as the Director of Customer Success, is responsible for transitioning clients from their previous platform, as well as ensuring they’re helping them meet their growth goals.

Before using Docket, Chris and his team would use a variety of systems to take notes and keep track of vital client interactions. They found this process to be very awkward and it was common that notes would be forgotten or otherwise not recorded when they should have been.

Chris’s started to use Docket to standardize and streamline note-taking, but quickly expanded to using it for client-facing interactions and their client-facing training calls.

“So I’ve had meetings in the past where it was literally deja vu where you would have the same conversation repeatedly. It’s far easier just to be able to circulate notes with Docket. You’re not just rehashing something that people have forgotten about.”