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Grace Hill uses Docket for consistent meeting preparation

Docket has helped thousands of teams adopt better meeting habits with shared agenda creation, stored meeting history and action item tracking.

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Grace Hill

Jennifer Blankenship, Senior Director of Account Management

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Grace Hill provides technology-enabled solutions that help owners and operators of real estate properties increase property performance, reduce operating risk and grow top talent. As a leader of the account management team, Jennifer is responsible for building and maintaining successful client relationships.

Prior to discovering Docket, Jennifer says her team’s meetings were chaotic and inconsistent. Without an agenda, it was difficult to prepare and therefore difficult to accomplish important tasks.

Jennifer uses Docket every day to help her team prepare for meetings, and share important information so that everyone comes to the table prepared for the discussion.

“Docket just makes that easy. It’s easy to send out the meeting agenda before, it’s easy to send out the recap, and it’s easy to see what you’ve already done. It’s all in one place. It really couldn’t be easier to use.”