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Bravo uses Docket to promote consistency and accountability.

Docket has helped thousands of teams adopt better meeting habits with shared agenda creation, stored meeting history and action item tracking.

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The Bravo Platform

Tally Mack, CEO

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Bravo is a point of sale platform specifically for the pawn and firearm industries. As CEO, Tally Mack spends much of her day in meetings planning the strategy and growth of Bravo.

When her team went remote, she found everyone’s days were so full of meetings, that there wasn’t any time in between to actually do or complete any of what was agreed upon. This led to dropped tasks and overall miscommunication.

“I basically lost track of who said that they were going to do what, really, really quickly.”

With Docket, Tally and her team began to standardize the format and consistency of meetings. At first, she says, she wasn’t motivated to solve the problem, but once her team started using Docket, she noticed how much easier her day went.

“That’s the aha moment. It doesn’t take a ton of time to make your meetings more productive.”