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Best Online Meeting Software

With a lot of people having their meetings online, many are looking to fine-tune their efforts. Just a decade ago, having an online meeting was a nightmare. Video conferencing was a stutter-filled mess and even audio conferences were frequently dropped.

Today, companies have their pick of the best online meeting software — both open-source solutions and commercial, proprietary solutions. Managing a meeting requires more than just the best video conferencing app, however. It requires all-around meeting management tools.

Docket is currently the best app for meeting management. Not only can it connect directly to video conferencing tools, but it also provides features such as creating and sharing agendas, taking notes, logging tasks, and sharing recaps. Docket’s platform is designed to support meetings from start-to-finish. It even has the ability to launch a conference in the organization’s favorite app.

Some video conferencing tools examples include Zoom, Slack, and MS Teams. But while these solutions do include video and audio conferencing, they aren’t designed around planning, running, and recapping meetings. Docket provides an all-in-one access tool for meeting management, so all participants can view a dashboard of their meetings, and ensure that each meeting has met its agenda.

By investing in new online meeting software, boards will be able to get more done. Time is valuable and the time spent in meetings has to be properly utilized. Converting to online meetings also means that meetings can be conducted more frequently — and that even those who may be traveling, on the go, or otherwise occupied will be able to participate.

Even better, because Docket can integrate with popular video conferencing tools, it’s easy to implement. Docket can be introduced into existing meeting processes as a way to facilitate and improve.

That being said, there’s not a lot to a meeting if you don’t have video conferencing.

Video Conferencing Apps

There are a lot of video conferencing apps out there, but there are only some that are suitable for business. Before 2019, few people had heard of Zoom and it wasn’t even on the list of top 10 video conferencing apps. Now, it is the most popular video conferencing solution for business and recreational use.

But it’s not the only contender on the video conferencing software list. Slack and MS Teams are also up there.

A lot of conferencing apps are now being developed as proprietary solutions. While Zoom is likely still the best video conferencing app for online classes, a lot of schools are now switching to their own internal programs. The best video conferencing is up for some debate, because it depends on the types of video conferencing you want to achieve.

There are video conferencing companies and there are collaborative solutions (like Slack) which simply incorporate video conferencing. It depends on your ultimate goals. MS Teams, for instance, can host conferences with thousands of users. But it’s not likely that a board meeting, for instance, would actually need thousands of users.

Ultimately, most organizations have found that Zoom is an excellent replacement for Skype. For a long time, Skype was the de facto standard in business video communication — but Skype is being discontinued by Microsoft in favor of MS Teams, which is a significantly less lightweight program. Luckily, Zoom is well-known and well-integrated enough that it can be utilized with solutions such as Docket.

Companies may want to use multiple online software suites during testing, to determine which one works best for them, before distributing it to employees or board members. The most important aspect of video conferencing and communication is that everyone has the same technology and the same platforms.

Best Online Meeting Platforms

What does it take to be one of the best online meeting platforms? The best virtual meeting platforms will:

Serve as a consolidated location where agendas can be planned, notes can be taken, and meetings can be scheduled. It’s important that everyone involved in meetings be able to see everything they have planned at a glance.
Have integration with video conferencing services such as Zoom video conferencing. Zoom conferencing is one of the most common types of video chat out there — so integration and support is critical.
Be easy to access and accessible anywhere. Many people are accessing information remotely, from home, or otherwise out of the office.
Have excellent customer support. When there’s an important meeting, you want to know that you have technical support available. And these important meetings can happen at any time.
There are a lot of meeting platforms out there, such as Zoho Meeting. There are even virtual meeting platforms with games — so those who are meeting can bond and work on team-building. But Docket remains one of the top meeting management platforms for agendas, note-taking, and video chat integration.

With Docket, you have an all-in-one stop for all your meeting needs. Whether you need to update and distribute your agenda, manage notes, or create minutes, you can do everything on Docket. And that ensures that everyone is always ready for each meeting, that everyone knows when meetings are going to occur, and that the meetings are run successfully.

Of course, companies can always try out demos of software before they decide which software is best for them. And you should be aware of the software integrationsyou need before choosing a solution.

Best Free Online Meeting Platforms

What about the best free online meeting platforms?

There are a lot of free conference apps, free group meeting apps, free video conferencing for groups apps, and more. You can download a free video call app right now and be speaking to someone else within minutes. But there’s a reason why most businesses aren’t using free video conferencing apps.

If you want to try a program, you can always try the free version. Docket has a free version available. But if you want really robust features, you’re always going to have to pay.

Most free online meeting apps aren’t going to have the number of features a company needs. They may do one or two things very well, but they aren’t going to serve as a complete, consolidated platform. And while free video conferencing software does exist, it usually doesn’t have a lot of support. You’re not going to have features, functionality, or training the way you will with a commercial solution.

While online meeting platforms free are accessible, they also aren’t frequently adopted. Which means that most people aren’t going to already have an account there. And when you use free video conferencing no sign up, you can virtually guarantee that there will be security issues.

But the biggest issue with free solutions is the lack of support. A lack of support means that your team will find it more difficult to use. The lack of support also means that the software is more likely to experience security issues, as there won’t be as many resources devoted toward keeping the solution updated and safe.

The best free video conferencing and the best free video conferencing app will still integrate with a paid meeting solution, such as Docket.

Video Conferencing Comparison Chart

Finally, let’s take a look at the best video conferencing solutions through a video conferencing comparison chart. This chart will have changed; the best free video conferencing 2021 varies from a video conferencing comparison chart 2020. A lot of companies have transitioned to video chat, so there have been a lot of changes.

Video Conferencing Comparison Chart



Of course, you have to keep a few things in mind. You might need the best free video conferencing with no time limit or the best free video conferencing for large groups. Location might matter; the best video conferencing for small business UK might not be the same as in the US. Overall, the best video conferencing for small business free tends to be Zoom. But the answer might be different if you’re looking for online meeting more than 100 participants free rather than free video conferencing with up to 12 users.

As you can see, Microsoft Teams is going to allow the most participants for the longest time. And while Go To Meeting has unlimited minutes, that’s only during the free trial. After that, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee. But these things also don’t say anything about the user friendliness of these options, whether they integrate with your existing solutions, or whether they’ll be intuitive for your team to use.

What’s most important is that the best video conferencing for small business will also integrate with software platforms such as CRM suites and meeting management suites. The best virtual meeting platforms for large groups will be integrated into video conferencing software.

And once you find the best online meeting software, you’ll still need the best video conferencing equipment for small business. Without video conference equipment for small business, any software won’t matter; the software itself can’t make up for issues with hardware.

“Docket has quickly become essential to doing our best work at Studio Science. Meetings are critically important to the services we provide clients, and having a platform dedicated to making meetings more effective, collaborative, and structured is game changing.”

Steve Pruden, CEO at Studio Science

“Docket helps us build better agendas, easily share notes, and follow up on action items. We have noticed our meetings have better preparation and follow through since partnering with Docket.”

Roger Deetz, VP of Engineering at Springbuk

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