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“Docket has quickly become essential to doing our best work at Studio Science. Meetings are critically important to the services we provide clients, and having a platform dedicated to making meetings more effective, collaborative, and structured is game changing.”

Steve Pruden, CEO at Studio Science

“Docket helps us build better agendas, easily share notes, and follow up on action items. We have noticed our meetings have better preparation and follow through since partnering with Docket.”

Roger Deetz, VP of Engineering at Springbuk

Agenda Example

Workplace meetings have two potential outcomes: They can be the biggest waste of time, or they can be a highly effective, brain-storming strategy. What separates the two is an effective meeting agenda. Taking the time to prepare a simple meeting agenda beforehand makes all the difference. But what is agenda building and how much time should organizations spend on it?

The Importance of Meeting Preparation

The best, most efficient, meetings come with solid preparation. It’s the prep work that keeps the give-and-take on track. According to the Wall Street Journal, the number-one, most-effective way to hold a valuable meeting is to have a simple meeting agenda prepared. Everyone gets a copy, and everyone is expected to collaborate or adhere. An agenda should include a few basic elements. Agenda items example include:

  • A short meeting agenda lists the ultimate meeting goal. This can be anything from deciding who will take the lead on the next advertising campaign to how collected charity funds will be distributed. Every agenda lists a clear goal, so meeting participants understand exactly what’s to be achieved.
  • An effective meeting agenda will also list objectives. What steps are needed to achieve the necessary goal? Do outside organizations need to be contacted? Do tasks need to be evenly distributed. List the objectives needed to attain the goal so participants have a clear direction.
  • Your meeting agenda should list an approximate time limit. This lets participants know whether to expect a short, half-hour discussion or a day-long gathering complete with breaks and snacks.

By developing a simple meeting agenda beforehand using a meeting tool like Docket, you’ll keep discussion on-track and be better prepared to discourage conversations that veer off-topic. Time is money, especially when you’re calling valuable team members away from their regular tasks. And while it does cost payroll dollars to prepare an agenda, the costs of not having one is almost always higher.

More About Agendas

To alleviate the burden of agenda building and make it more effective, you can spread the responsibility of meeting planning across the board.

  1. Collaborate with others to build the agenda
  2. Turn your recurring meetings into your best meeting agenda template
  3. Use a meeting tool like Docket to make preparing agendas quick and easy


Who’s Responsible?

So, who is ultimately responsible for preparing the meeting agenda? Typically, this task falls to the person responsible for managing the project. But this doesn’t mean that coming up with an effective meeting agenda should fall to only one individual. By tossing ideas out ahead of the meeting date, everyone can contribute. This is where meeting software such as Docket becomes highly valuable. Docket lets key players link resource items, build topics, and add relevant documents to the agenda. By making use of the whole team, instead of a single team leader, agendas become less of a chore and more of a collaborative effort.

How Does Meeting Software Help?

A meeting-focused workspace such as Docket helps companies organize objectives, set goals, assign speakers, and coordinate time blocks at the simple click of a mouse. Docket offers abundant, pre-made resources and meeting agenda examples to move meeting planning to the next level or you can build your own team meeting agenda templates, conference agenda templates, formal meeting agenda templates, or even a business meeting agenda sample PDF to share with your teams. Once you create your meeting templates, you can apply them to any meeting and share an official meeting invitation email sample by sharing the agenda to all meeting guests. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re meeting with a prospective client face-to-face, with members of your internal team in the same conference room, or with corporate overseas. Docket has all the resources needed to spend less time planning a meeting agenda and more time achieving specific goals.

Using Prepared Meeting Templates

Every organization uses meetings as a tool for planning effective strategies. Regardless of your career field or number of employees with whom you’ve worked, you’ve likely attended multiple meetings throughout your career. Imagine the planning that went into each one and multiply that by the number of meetings you’ve either held or attended, and you’ll realize just how much time would be saved by using a meeting-focused workspace such as Docket.

Docket makes it faster and easier to plan an effective meeting agenda by providing templates that can be easily populated with customized meeting content. Docket also provides numerous examples for users to follow from its shared meeting template library to help every meeting run much smoother. Choose from one of the many templates available or build your own best meeting agenda template for meetings like: 

  • A weekly team meeting agenda template
  • Agenda examples for staff meetings
  • A weekly staff meeting agenda template or weekly staff meeting agenda sample
  • An example of an agenda for a committee meeting
  • Other first team meeting agenda examples
  • Executive committee meeting agenda template
  • Meeting agenda email examples
  • Committee first meeting agenda
  • Sample minutes of meeting agenda and notice PDF
  • Agenda writing examples PDF
  • Meeting agenda sample doc


Regardless whether you’re in charge of holding church committee meetings, meetings between business investors, or local get-togethers of parents and teachers, Docket‘s online meeting workspace will save you time and payroll hours.

Examples of How an Online Meeting Workspace Encourages Efficiency

When every member of a team has online access to a shared meeting workspace, each is able to contribute. For example, if your Human Resource Manager shares a dedicated online workspace with each department head, every part of the job becomes easier and more transparent, including:

  • Hiring
  • Onboarding
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Disciplining
  • Terminating

By using a premade resource such as a staff meeting agenda template PDF, meeting agenda template Doogle document, staff meeting agenda template Word, or a template in Docket, everyone knows what to bring to the table for the meeting. Each manager is able to add topics and objectives to be covered. An agenda example can then be retrieved and prepared as a meeting agenda sample PDF or as a document for easy printing to be shared with the group.

A second example of how Docket’s meeting workspace helps organizations streamline the meeting process includes the many agenda writing examples available for users. Even those new to meeting planning can orchestrate highly effective get-togethers by using the premade resources available. Docket’s software provides the tools needed to create manager’s meeting agenda topics and helps them set goals and objectives for each meeting.

Docket easily does the heavy lifting for corporations who use meetings as part of their implementation strategy. Save time, cut workload hours, and take the dread out of every morning meeting with Docket‘s online meeting workspace.

Design a Dream Meeting Today

Imagine a meeting where everyone participates and offers input. Imagine a room filled with peers who are all invested in reaching a mutual goal. Imagine conversations that stay on-point and objectives that are met one-by-one. It doesn’t have to be just a dream. Everyone in the room can be well-prepared and invested. Use Docket‘s many available resources to plan meetings ahead of time and send agendas to participants.

From creating a meeting agenda to tracking minutes to keeping notes, Docket provides all the information needed together into one, easy-to-use online workspace that can be shared with the single click of a button. There’s never been a better, more efficient way to plan and execute meetings of all types, including:

  • Committee meetings
  • Executive board meetings
  • Client interactions
  • Meetings with corporate overseas
  • Daily or weekly staff meetings

Anywhere people need to gather to brainstorm ideas and work toward a common goal, Docket can be there to help.

Docket Inspires Follow-Up After the Meeting

What’s worse than taking the time to plan and execute a meeting and assign tasks without receiving adequate follow-up? Objectives can only be reached if those assigned to complete them actually do so. With Docket’s online meeting workspace, it’s easy to follow up with everyone who attended the meeting. Docket offers the following post-meeting capabilities:

  • The ability to recap the meeting and send it to all who participated
  • The ability to distribute and view the notes and minutes taken
  • The ability to view information from past meetings
  • Integration with other workplace apps and software such as Zoom, Slack, or Evernote
  • Capability to follow up on action items

Docket Brightens the Meeting Experience

Workplace meetings do not have to be the soul-crushing experience that many workers expect. With proper preparation and keen follow-through, every meeting can become highly productive. And for those new to planning meetings, Docket simplifies the experience from beginning to end. Docket’s online meeting planning workplace provides the following advantages:

  • More organized meetings
  • Abbreviated meeting times
  • More satisfied workforce
  • Increase in meeting efficiency
  • Easier attainment of goals

By adopting an online meeting workplace, companies can expect to see immediate benefits in the way employees view the mandatory work meeting.

An Effective Meeting Agenda Makes a Difference

Even a simple meeting agenda PDF keeps participants on-track and gives them a goal to work toward. By having a clear vision of the material being covered, attendees have a better understanding of what’s required of them. Additionally, the ability to share a short meeting agenda ahead of time gives attendees time to prepare materials and locate resources. Docket lets users attach links to needed documents right in the shared workspace.

Organizations who struggle with meeting planning and implementation should consider the many benefits offered by an online meeting workspace such as Docket. Improved employee morale and higher productivity will result.

Docket is no longer in service. Thank you to all of our customers for letting us help you make meetings awesome!