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Better prep, better focus, better follow-ups.

The best meetings you’ve ever had.

Docket is the only meeting productivity platform designed to make meetings better before they start, while they’re happening, and long after they’re over.

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Plan ahead to make your meetings worth it

Docket makes everyone more prepared - the first key to amazing meetings.

Always be prepared


Collaboratively develop agendas, prioritize topics and set time limits with anyone, local or remote.


Make recurring meetings consistently productive and engaging with Docket Agenda Templates.


Link relevant documents and materials to your agenda for quick access for everyone involved.

Keep everyone focused and get more done

Everyone’s focus in one place, with everything you need to keep it on track. That’s Key #2.

Get on the same page


Clearly and concisely record and organize all decisions and takeaways from your meeting in a collaborative workspace.


Make it through your whole agenda every time with our built-in timer, helping everyone stay on track while making time for important discussions.


Assign takeaways and next steps in real-time for each participant who can track them to completion in Docket.

Share outcomes, plan next steps, and more.

The work is not done when the meeting is over. Key #3 is a high quality document with follow-up - don’t lose knowledge when the Zoom ends.

Make the meeting worth it


Everyone is more productive when everything is shared. Communicate final decisions and outcomes to attendees and beyond, quickly and easily.


There’s so much more to learn after the meeting is over. Search notes, minutes, or action items from previous Docket meetings whenever you need them.


Make the next meeting even better. Sync up with previous meeting notes to quickly review past decisions and action items so you can keep moving forward.

Making Meetings Amazing Everywhere

With all of its features, Docket creates clarity and efficiency in our meetings which contribute to the overall health and success of our organization.
Brandon Chrinian
Brandon Chrinian
VP of Operations
Ashley Homestore
In general, I just really like having one easy-to-access place to record notes and discussion points for upcoming meetings, that's ready to be shared as an agenda beforehand. Overall it makes me look much more organized than I am naturally!
Will Ockelmann-Wagner
Will Ockelmann-Wagner
Tech Lead/PM
I love that I can build out meeting agendas throughout the week as things come up for 1:1s or team meetings. It is also great that all of my team members can go back and look at any of the previous meetings and the material that was part of them.
Cody Fair
Cody Fair
VP of Sales and Strategic Partnerships
Docket is no longer in service. Thank you to all of our customers for letting us help you make meetings awesome!