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Docket is a meeting-focused workspace for collaborative agenda creation, decision documentation, and action item tracking.

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Meetings matter, but we’re doing them wrong


73% people think having an agenda is highly important to have a productive meeting.


71% of meetings do not have written agendas distributed prior to meetings


The average employee sits in 62 meetings a month.

Docket is your central hub for meetings

Meeting Agenda Builder

Create and prioritize all agenda items to make any type of meeting more effective.

Meeting Workspace

Take notes and distribute recaps of meeting minutes and decisions to improve team collaboration and alignment.

Task Manager

Assign action items and next steps for improved performance and team productivity.

Activity and History Archive

Find notes, tasks, and resources from previous Docket meetings whenever you need them.

Daily Digest

View your to-do list to know exactly what you need to do to prepare for your meetings.


Choose integrations like Evernote, Zoom, and Slack that combine the power of Docket with the tools you already use to make your meetings better.

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"Docket helps us build better agendas, easily share notes, and follow up on action items. We have noticed our meetings have better preparation and follow through since partnering with Docket."

Roger Deetz, VP of Engineering at Springbuk

“Docket has helped us in our constant battle against 'death by meeting,' helping us to build better agendas and promoting greater levels of collaboration while centralizing our notes, takeaways, and next steps. We’re moving faster and getting more done thanks to Docket.”

Marc Herschberger, Director of People & Process

“Docket simplifies, unifies and builds value by helping us execute meetings and create real efficiencies, which has digitally transformed our meeting process.”

John Vernon, Chief Operations Officer at Web Teks
Docket wins Zoom’s App Marketplace Whale Watch competition!Learn more